How do I set the language? The language is normally set automatically by the system depending on your browser’s language preference settings. Alternatively clubs can choose to have their whole site displayed in a particular language.
What translations are available? Dozens of translations are available, but some may be incomplete or need updating. However if you spot missing or incorrect translations Croquet Booking can update them if you supply the text.
How is the correct time zone set for my club? The time zone is a configuration setting for your club which can be changed by your club’s booking system administrator.
What about Daylight Saving Time? This is handled automatically by the system. The times shown are local times and take account of DST.


Can I use my club website’s house style? Yes, the main elements, eg font and background colours can certainly be used.
Can I use my club’s logo? Yes, your club’s logo can be inserted in the banner.

Importing Users

Can my list of users be imported? Yes, Croquet Booking can import a list of users from a spreadsheet.


My club members already have usernames and passwords. Do they need new ones for Croquet Booking? That depends on how you are currently authenticating your users. If you are using Joomla! on your site then it is probably best for you to host your own copy of the MRBS software – although it could also be possible for Croquet Booking to authenticate against your existing database of users. But if you are using WordPress, Wix, Wild Apricot, an LDAP Directory or your own database, then Croquet Booking can authenticate against that, assuming remote access is possible. Please contact us to discuss the options further.

Data Protection

Where is the data held? Croquet Booking’s servers are based in the Netherlands. See our Privacy Policy for more details.
Does Croquet Booking meet my country’s legal requirements? Croquet Booking can tell clubs how their data is used and stored but club administrators are responsible for ensuring that Croquet Booking meets their local requirements.


Is it possible to host the software on my own club or association’s website? Yes, you can download the standard MRBS software and host it on your website. The software requires PHP and MySQL or PostgreSQL.
Can we use Croquet Booking if we are not a croquet club? No, Croquet Booking is only for use by croquet clubs that are affiliated to organisations recognised by the World Croquet Federation. However you can download the standard MRBS software and host it on your website. The software requires PHP and MySQL or PostgreSQL.
We already use MRBS. Can we move to Croquet Booking? Yes, please contact us for further details.
If we use Croquet Booking now can we host our own system later? Yes, it’s easy to export the database tables so that you can host your own system. Please contact us for further details.


What are the backup arrangements? The database is backed up daily to a remote location.