Croquet Booking is a website that hosts booking systems for croquet clubs. Each club has its own section on the website and users can only login to the clubs of which they are members.

The software is maintained by Croquet Booking, but administration of each club’s section is performed by the club itself, which is responsible for adding lawns/courts and users.

The system uses the open source Meeting Room Booking System software. Key features include:

  • Support for multiple languages and timezones.
  • Configurable day and booking slot lengths.
  • Multiple “areas” can be created, each with their own settings. For example clubs could have one area for the lawns/courts and another for the clubhouse rooms (eg committee room, bridge room, etc.).
  • Booking policies that allow restrictions to be placed on the number of bookings that can be made, how far in advance they can be made, the maximum length of a booking, etc.
  • Email notifications of bookings with calendar attachments that allow bookings to be added automatically to your electronic calendar.

In addition Croquet Booking has enhanced the standard MRBS software by adding:

  • Prevention of double-banking AC with GC.
  • Toggling (show/hide) of secondary colours.
  • Local weather forecasts and sunrise and sunset times.

The service is currently provided free of charge and relies on voluntary donations to cover the costs of hosting and development.